Certified Greenhouse Gas Courses

CGHV (Certified Greenhouse Gas Verifier)

A professional certification marking the gold standard for individuals delving deep into greenhouse gas emissions quantification and management. CGHVs typically find roles in environmental consultancies, public administration, NGOs, corporations focused on sustainability, and entities involved in the development and auditing of GHG inventories or projects.


CSA (Canadian Standards Association) played a pivotal role as the global secretariat in the construction of the ISO 14064 standard—a collaborative effort incorporating input from 147 countries. This course emerges from that global consensus, ensuring you’re aligned with the “gold standard” in GHG training. By participating, you equip yourself to understand, manage, and verify GHG emissions in accordance with globally recognized protocols. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure participants can provide credible, accurate, and reliable GHG quantification and verification reports, gaining acknowledgment from governmental bodies, industry leaders, and accreditation institutions.

4th of December 2023



ISO 14064-1: 8890 Dhs
ISO14064-3: 10120 Dhs

5 days

In person


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon passing the examination from CSA group.

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Who is GHG courses suitable for?




• Obtaining knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1

• Quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions.

• Identifying specific company actions aimed at improving GHG performance.

• Identifying emission “Hot Spots” in your supply chain

• Understand how to prepare a carbon monitoring plan for your company

• Exploring the purpose of your GHG inventory

• Developing your GHG inventory process

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